Chiropractic Care for Children

Chiropractic and Children

The perception that you should only visit your chiropractor when you are in pain has been shifting. Many people are experiencing the benefits of utilizing chiropractic as a proactive, wellness-oriented healthcare choice.

Children experience many physical stresses during the birthing process (for more information read the section on “Pregnancy and Chiropractic“). In addition, as children play and grow they experience a lot of knocks, falls and bruises. A healthy child’s body is resilient to the stresses of daily life, but just as any engine requires regular maintenance to ensure it continues to run optimally, your child’s body also requires maintenance to stay in peek condition.

Your child experiences physical stresses on their body every day. Prolonged car rides, poor posture (at school and home), heavy backpacks and small accidents while learning to ride a bike, ski or skate are just a few of the many stresses that can cause a dysfunction in your child’s spine.

Repetitive or prolonged postures such as those that are often assumed while sitting at school, watching television or using technology can impact a developing spine (not to mention an adult’s spine). These postures may not initially cause pain but can result in dysfunctions that your chiropractor can detect. When left unchecked, your child may start experiencing pain that can often be attributed to “growing pains”. It is important to remember that these aches are your child’s body’s attempt to communicate that something may be wrong, and they should not be dismissed without a thorough examination.


Research shows that many of the spinal and health problems we experience as adults start very early in life. 


My child is healthy and doesn’t complain of pain, why would I bring him/her to a Chiropractor?

Many parents nowadays are looking to promote positive lifestyle habits in their children to help them live happy and healthy lives. Eating a healthy diet and participating in regular sporting activities are some of the ways that parents achieve this. Just as you take your child to the dentist to promote good oral health, many parents are bringing their children to the Chiropractor to ensure their children’s spines are properly aligned in order to prevent minor problems from becoming more serious.

Think of it this way, a cavity in a tooth does not cause noticeable symptoms (i.e. pain or sensitivity) when it first occurs. It is only when they are left unchecked that they can cause more serious problems (tooth decay, infections, etc.). Your child may not be sick or have back pain but their spine may be developing with dysfunction in the normal motion/nerve communication and this, left unresolved, may lead to problems in the future.